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We provide stud welding services with our 300 HP stud-welding/generator systems on daily, weekly and monthly service periods, as well as pricing per stud options on larger projects.  

  • This service includes one of our highly skilled ironworkers along with the equipment so you are assured a quality weld in every shot.  

  • We have 5 units available with 225kW of power and are each equipped with a 6-cylinder turbocharged/after-cooled Cummins diesel engines.  

  • Two of these systems are equipped with Tier 4 engines and diesel particulate filters (DPF).

  • The stud-welding component is powered by an electrical system that puts out up to 2,000 Amps and has the capability to weld a stud up to 1” in diameter.  

  • It is also precise enough to weld studs as small as ¼”diameter by ½” long.  


For inquiries, please call us at (908) 222-1190 or e-mail and we will be happy to provide you with a job specific quote.

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