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Conveniently located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, J. Anthony Equipment Co. is a construction company with 60 years of experience working on the building and repairing of bridges and buildings throughout the tristate region. We design, sell, and install Stay-In-Place (S.I.P.) permanent metal bridge forms as well as sell and install Nelson shear connectors (studs). Installation of these studs can used in a variety of locations such as: bridges, sheet piling, plates and building piles. We have 5 state of the art stud welding systems with which we install these studs. Two of these systems are equipped with Tier 4 engines and diesel particulate filters (DPF).

We are a member of the ACCNJ which promotes the highest safety, quality, skill and responsibility of its members. Our workforce consists of qualified union Ironworkers and Carpenters working in tandem on our bridge deck projects, while specialized stud welding services are handled solely by the Ironworkers. Our foremen have an average of 20 years of experience in the field, making them skilled and knowledgeable. Our office staff includes: President Dick Anthony, Vice President Rob Anthony, and estimator/engineer Kevin Kelly. This office team seamlessly coordinates with on-site foremen, making us a capable company no matter the job size.

Richard C. Anthony
Vice President
Robert J. Anthony

Robert J. Anthony started selling Stay-In-Place bridge deck forms in the early 1960s for A.O. Stillwell Co. in western New York. After Don Schmuck of Granco Inc. introduced the metal bridge deck system to Anthony and Stillwell, they saw an opportunity for their potential on bridges and quickly formed a company called Stillwell/Anthony Co. that exclusively dealt with these forms. In 1964, Robert bought out Stillwell with partner William Mailey and started multiple corporations that started designing and installing the SIP forms which included: Bridge Services in Buffalo, Caribbean Bridge Services in San Juan, and Deck Forms Inc. in Florida. These corporations were eventually brought together under one parent corporation called Bridge Services, Div. R.J. Anthony Co. located in Buffalo, NY. William Mailey became head estimator and designer, where he went on to have a long and successful career until his retirement in 2017. 

Richard C. Anthony, Robert’s son, started working for Bridge Services in the spring of 1969 on a rebar crew. Later that year, Bridge Services opened a second office in Edison, NJ to accommodate for the upswing of work in the New York Tri-State area and Richard relocated to that office. He went on to run Bridge Services from that location for 30 years. In 1991, Richard established J. Anthony Equipment Co. as an equipment rental company specializing in stud machine rentals. In 1995, J. Anthony Co. took over the bridge deck operations handled by Bridge Services, as there was no need to keep both companies active. In 1998, Richard moved J. Anthony to its current location in South Plainfield to allow for more growth and the ability to increase stud and SIP form inventory. In 2002, Richard’s son, Robert Anthony, was hired as the office and yard manager at J. Anthony. He would go on to become the Vice President in 2014, which is still his current position. 

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